6 Recipes for Coastal Kitchen Design

Bring that beach-vacation feeling home with these style ingredients.


It doesn’t matter if you live by the beach, in the city or in the countryside; elements of a beach lifestyle can be brought home with one of these recipes for success.


Coastal Kitchen 1: Gresley Abas Architects, original photo on Houzz


1. Industrial Coastal


●Cool, polished concrete floors with a chunky aggregate

●A good dose of casual modern style with plywood cabinetry

●Closed cabinets combined with open shelving to balance the weight of the wood

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Method: Start with your choice of wood cabinetry and concrete flooring, then mix in black metal elements to add edge. Serve a colorful geometric backsplash on the side.

Description for your interior designer: Clean lines, open, minimalist.


Coastal Kitchen 2: Join Constructions, original photo on Houzz


2. Modern Ocean Views


●Materials and finishes in a limited color palette

●Light wood tones to create a beachy vibe

●Workstations such as the sink and stove facing any views

●Built-in outdoor dining table. This is a clever way of creating virtually seamless lines, allowing the view to take center stage

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Method: Take inspiration from nature. Go for a beach walk to draw in the colors of bleached driftwood and white sand. Implement these into your mixture with a dash of contrasting colors such as ironstone to ground the palette.

Description for your interior designer: Light wood, natural palette, straight lines.


Coastal Kitchen 3: Wideline Windows & Doors, original photo on Houzz


3. Coastal Calming Blues


●Soft blues, borrowed from the underside of a seashell or a duck egg

●Fresh whites and pastel grays that work well with calming blues

Method: Work in soft blues with midtone woods to add contrast. If you are hungry for impact, go for a soft blue cabinet color, or start small by painting a furniture piece, such as a hutch or kitchen stool, in this serene color. It’s better to underdo than overdo a soft blue tone. Keep the tone to one or two selected areas.

Description for your interior designer: Soft, elegant, breezy, cool.


Coastal Kitchen 4: Live by the Sea Photography, original photo on Houzz


4. Fresh White


●Lots of white

●Cabinetry in the same color as the surrounding walls to unify the kitchen with the rest of the house

●Cabinets that run up to the ceiling, to enhance the sense of spaciousness

Method: Mix a little warmth into a fresh all-white palette with wood. From there, add your favorite colors as garnishes.

Description for your interior designer: Clean, white, fresh, calming.

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Coastal Kitchen 5: Richard Whitbread, original photo on Houzz


5. Classic Coastal


●Marble countertops, a timeless classic for a coastal home

●A white-and-black color palette, for a foolproof interior that will never date

●Greenery to soften the contrasting neutrals. A key plant for classical coastal kitchens is Monstera deliciosa

●Classic midcentury furniture pieces to add charm

Method: Throw in some fun patterns to break up blocks of black and white, while keeping within a monochromatic color scheme.

Description for your interior designer: Understated, uncluttered, timeless, light.


Kitchen 6: Carole Tretheway Design, original photo on Houzz


6. Laid-Back Beach


●Pared-back style with lots of fresh white

●Wooden accents. Pendant lights are a must.

Method: All white doesn’t have to be boring. Add texture through wall paneling and exposed rafters for interest.

Description for your interior designer: Minimalist, bright, clean, casual.


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