The Cookie Monstah

Infiniitely better than your mother’s Toll House efforts, The Cookie Mostah chocolate chip cookies are beyond yummy. Missy Gale discovered her love of baking at a young age and, after graduating from college, began preparing desserts for The West Street Grill, Locke-Ober's Café, and 75 Chestnut in Boston. After a stint in food management, Gale returned to the oven to bake the best-ever, from-scratch chocolate chip cookies. She recently opened The Cookie Monstah food truck to sell her tasty, chewy cookies. Although the chocolate chip is a personal favorite, other sweet treats include The Cinnabomb, The Shortcake, and The Candy Shoppe, a cookie filled with— you guessed it—chocloate candy! Gale uses Callebaut chocolate and bourbon vanilla to concoct her tasty treats. And of course, her cookies pair perfectly with a cold glass of milk. 





“They have awesome, delicious Italian cookies in all flavors, including half moons that no one seems able to beat. I called them from Colorado Springs to see if they would ship their cookies out this way, and they said they would!” –Judy

500 Eastern Ave., Lynn, 781-596-1559,

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