Wall Art

Colorful picks to deck your halls—or walls. By, Lysa Pelletier

1. "Mermaid," $240, General Goods. 2. "Goldfinch Bird with Jeb," Vicki Sawyer, $150, Chameleon. 3. "Flower Shop with Pale Petals," $595, Chameleon. 4. Vintage bird print, $52, General Goods. 5. Two birds on metal, $14, Roost. 6. Blue bird, $40, Roost. 7. Small white bird, $30, Roost. 8. "Leaning Pear," Janice Eaton Updike, $425, Chameleon. 9. "Priscilla Learns Self Control," Vicki Sawyer, $450, Chameleon. 10. Newburyport street scene, J. Petcucci, $85, Surfaces.

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