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When one glimpses interiors designed by PB+C, which is helmed by designer Peter Cohen, the first thoughts that come to mind are ones of calm, peace, and serenity. That’s because they’re minimalist, yet warm, with every detail carefully considered and nothing extraneous in the way. They combine sleek, modern lines with classic details, perhaps by placing an intricate antique mirror in an otherwise spare hallway, or allowing a single, bold piece of art to make a daring statement against white walls. Its architectural design services are exactly tailored to fit the needs of the client, whether it’s an extensive remodel, new construction, or simply a refresh. Custom fittings and furnishings, such as furniture, millwork, kitchen plans, and more, are also a specialty.

23 Chestnut St., Salem, 206-412-3334,


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Siemasko + Verbridge

126 Dodge St., Beverly, 978-927-3745, 


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