Day Spa


Editors’ Choice 

Pyara Spa & Salon

Burlington, 781-270-9200,

Philosophy: At Pyara, their mission is to exceed expectations every day.  

What’s New: Their Hello Gorgeous! and whole-body cryotherapy programs. Via the Hello Gorgeous! program of Hope, INC., every month one woman who is battling cancer is invited to Pyara for a complimentary head-to-toe makeover. Whole-body cryotherapy is a 3-minute session linked to many health benefits including muscle recovery, performance improvement, metabolic boost, and more.

Standout Qualities: Pyara merges the ancient Ayurvedic techniques and products of Aveda with cutting-edge skills and techniques to fit modern-day looks and styles.  

Trend: Eyelash extensions and eyelash enhancements. Lash extensions give you that instant glam look with no extra time needed, while enhancements such as lash tinting help create effortless contrast and provide a finished look with no makeup needed. Pro tip: Find the hue that brings out your natural eye color for a pop!


Readers’ Choice 

Lanzo at Central Place Skin Care

Saugus, 781-774-0083,

Philosophy: Beauty is the light within all of us, and at Lanzo, each client will shine.  

What’s New: They are now offering Reiki and energy healing.

Standout Qualities: An experienced team that uses their skills and know-how to make others look and feel their best. 

Trend: Two-toned black eyelash extensions with purple tips are on-trend right now.


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