Editors’ Choice 

Mayflour Confections


Trend: Multiple cakes—either two side-by-side tiered cakes or dessert tables with a bunch of single-tier cakes. It allows for an elegant presentation and the ability to offer guests multiple flavors.

Philosophy: Less is more. Proprietress Jocelyn Pierce believes food should have an organic, approachable presentation, because what’s most important is high-quality ingredients—and, of course, pure deliciousness.

What’s Unique: Mayflour works with small farmers and sources most ingredients locally. They also believe that dessert, especially when part of a long evening of celebrating, doesn’t need to be overly sweet, allowing the ingredients and flavors to shine.


Readers’ Choice 

Silver Cloud Cakes

Manchester-by-the-Sea, 978-884-7957, 

Standout Qualities: Owner, baker, and designer Barbara Smith often reflects her love of nature through the colors, forms, and uniqueness of her handcrafted designs.



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