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AARP Massachusetts is now accepting applications for Community Challenge grants to fund projects that spark change in local communities.  The grant program is part of AARP’s nationwide Livable Communities initiative that aims to make our communities great places to live for everyone. 

The program is open to 501(C) (3) and 501(C) (4) non-profits and government entities. Projects might range from a small, short-term activity that costs hundreds to a more sizable project requiring thousands of dollars.


Projects need to deliver on the following drivers for change, including:

Improving a community’s built environmentto benefit all ages and ability levels (and connect to the social environment). For example:

Transforming vacant or underutilized public spaces

Creating intergenerational playgrounds

Installing traffic calming measures, like circles, street trees, crosswalk enhancements, etc.

Pop-up projects to highlight positive changes that communities can make to roadways (temporary or permanent bike lanes, roundabouts, etc.) and expand transportation options

Driving community engagement and interaction across diverse community residents (e.g., culture/art, local communication, public space/place-making, sports, education, well-being / healthy living, etc.) For example: 

Hosting activities to encourage healthy eating and exercise

Holding Open Streets programs and festivals to encourage people to walk and bike through the community

Leveraging Pop Up/tactical urbanism demonstrations to create parklets, etc.


AARP Massachusetts is working in collaboration with communities across the state, bringing people together and providing resources and expertise to help make Massachusetts counties, towns and cities great places to live for all ages.  

The application deadline is June 30, 2017 and all projects must be completed by November 1, 2017.  All applications must be submitted through