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Salem has just launched a new online mapping tool, which offers diverse, multi-layered data to which the city will continue to add.

The new platform, from PeopleGIS, offers a clean and user-friendly interface for viewing landmarks like public and municipal buildings, as well as roads, streetlights, private buildings, parcels, zoning, wards, parks, FEMA flood zones, and brownfields.

Users can choose from base maps that include the ortho imagery acquired by the city in 2014, Google’s satellite/street hybrid map, and OpenStreet’s open-source community-supported map. Also built-in is an easy-to-use search functionality that utilizes the city’s assessor data.

“We’re working to grow and add even more data layers into the tool,” says Chief Information Officer Matt Killen. “With all of the great open-source data available, this site will become an increasingly useful and functional tool for Salem residents, businesses, and others as we add even more into it.”

The new mapping tool is suitable for viewing on mobile devices on which users can make use of all the same features and functions as the standard version.

The release of the new mapping tool is a prelude to the city’s forthcoming formal launch of the revamped city website coming in September.

“Having a functional, intuitive, and informative online presence is absolutely critical,” says Mayor Kim Driscoll. “…we are working hard to open access to local government in Salem, increase transparency, and improve residents’ ability to request and receive information, get public services, and more.”

To access the software, visit or click on “Mapping & GIS” at