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Bakers Island Located in Salem Harbor on a small private island, Bakers Island Lighthouse is a rich part of the harbor’s history. Built in 1816, the lighthouse once helped guide ships used for trading. Today, it continues to shine its light, which is generated by solar panels.

The U. S. Coast Guard donated the lighthouse to the Essex Heritage Commission during the summer of 2014. Now in charge of this historic property, the commission is responsible for any repairs, changes, or updates that might be necessary for its upkeep. This summer, it plans to provide limited public access to the site—something that hasn’t happened in more than 70 years.

Essex Heritage Commission is asking for donations in order to preserve and restore Bakers Island Lighthouse. All of the donated money will go to fixing cracks, replacing crumbling stucco, and removing surface lichen and mold—issues that require immediate attention. If repairs are not made soon, and salt water continues to enter the structure in its current condition, the mortar that holds this lighthouse together will erode. Hence, the call for action.

The Essex Heritage Commission plans to raise $30,000 by Friday, June 19, 2015.

Prizes, including T-shirts, Mason jar mugs, artwork, and boat trips to the Bakers Island Lighthouse, will be given to those who donate.

For more information about the restoration project and the funding the Kickstarter campaign, visit,