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Bring your favorite four-footed friend to the Friends of Gloucester Dog Park on Saturday, June 18 for a fun festival marking the 90th anniversary of dog biscuit maker Old Mother Hubbard. Meet local Instagram canine stars like Oatmeal the Golden and Bawston Dawg, or try to drum up a following for your fluffy companion by posing in the free photo booth. Themed props will be on hand to boost the adorable factor.

Old Mother Hubbard has been pleasing pooches since 1926, when legend has it that a sailor tossed his dog one of his hard tack sea biscuits, and his best friend gobbled it up. The biscuit maker, A. Hubbard and Sons Bakery in Gloucester, quickly saw an opportunity for a side business, which has thrived through the years. While the brand is now based in Tewksbury and owned by WellPet LLC, alongside Wellness Natural Pet Food, Eagle Pack and Holistic Select, it hasn’t forgotten its nautical roots. The company will be making a $1,000 donation to the Gloucester Dog Park, in addition to offering four-footed fans the opportunity to dress up as some local icons, from Larry Bird to Paul Revere.

Other highlights include an ice cream truck, serving up frosty treats for both dogs and their human companions, a biscuit bar to make a “doggie bag” for later and a raffle to win a year’s worth of biscuits. The dog park is popular with pooches of all sizes, and offers segmented areas for dogs of different sizes as well as an agility course.