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“The Adventures of Keeno & Ernest ~ The Banana Tree.” first book signing will be on Tuesday, January 31st from 5 – 7 PM at the Scala Art Center in Georgetown.


Keeno is a mischievous little monkey, and his best friend Ernest is a clever and responsible young elephant. One day Keeno spots a big, shiny banana tree, but it is far away-all the way on the other side of the river of their jungle home-and his parents have told him never to cross the river without an adult. Ernest reminds him of this, but Keeno decides to cross anyway. When he finds himself in great danger, he must rely on his friend Ernest to rescue him! In the end, Keeno learns two very valuable lessons about friendship and following family rules.

About the Author: Maggie van Galen grew up in Northern Michigan listening to her father’s stories, imagining the characters, being transported to the locations, and engaging in the plots. Maggie discovered that she too had the creativity to put her thoughts to paper, and always used writing as a sort of escapism. When she married the man of her dreams and had two beautiful boys, true happiness began to shine, and the stories started to flow. After years of telling stories to her boys and their friends, Maggie decided to share them with the world. She truly hopes that you enjoy them too! Maggie and her family live on the North Shore of Massachusetts.

“The Adventures of Keeno & Ernest ~ The Banana Tree” is published by Outskirts Press and is available for sale on, and