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Dresscode in Andover

Off the shoulder This look that appeared predominantly in the 90s is back and is making a statement. Open neck, off the shoulder shirts are the perfect way to add a little bit of flirty fun to your wardrobe. Pairing bare shoulders with a statement necklace or some flare jeans is a great way to achieve the care-free, bohemian chic look that you’re going for.

Pajamas Who would have thought that wearing underwear outside would become fashionable? Lightweight, silky, pajama-inspired clothes are all the rage this summer. Slip dresses are going to be huge during the warm months. They can be worn casually with sandals for running errands and walking around, or dressed up with a sexy heel and elegant accessories. Moving into fall, this trend will stick around even as the days get chilly; silky pajama style shirts can be worn under light jackets or with jeans and boots to achieve a comfy, sophisticated look.

Tie dye Say hello to summer concerts and backyard barbeques, tie-dye is back! Faded, distressed t’s and tanks with a tie-dye twist are perfect for a casual day out with friends or to throw over your favorite swimsuit for some chill-time at the beach. This style is perfect for a laid-back, stress free, summer vibes kind of look.

Neoprene This thick, form fitting material hugs your body in all the right places, making it a definite favorite for any occasion. The fabric is wrinkle- free and sweat-proof so it’s perfect to travel with and wear to summer parties. It comes in many different styles from peplum blouses to sleek dresses, and looks amazing with bright colors and pretty patterns.  

The giving keys The Giving Keys is an organization founded by Caitlin Crosby to spread inspiration and hope and raise awareness about those affected by homelessness. The necklaces are all made from repurposed keys and are engrained with inspirational words. The idea is to give the key to someone who may need it more than you, and spread the love. Not only do these keys serve a good cause, but they also look adorable with any outfit. Read more about the story of how the keys were started at


Coco Collection in Andover

Lace This summer, lace is holding its place at the top of everybody’s favorites list. Dresses and shirts featuring lace detailing look elegant and tasteful. White lace looks great with a sun-kissed tan, and it can be dressed up for formal events or worn casually with jeans or flip flops, making it a reliable go-to look for any occasion.

Pleats This year, many dresses are featuring soft pleating in their skirts. This detail creates a fun, flowy look that is perfect for casual wear when the weather is hot. Paired with solid colors and soft fabric for a more comfy laid-back look, or dressed up with a longer skirt and cinched waist, these dresses look effortless and flattering.

Fringe Shredded hemlines are still stealing the spotlight this season. If you haven’t hopped on the fringe wagon yet, now is your chance because this trend seems to be sticking around for another season. From stringy t-shirts to leather bags, and handmade moccasin-inspired sandals, this summer is going to be a full on fringe-fest!