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The team at Loco Taqueria & Oyster Bar is growing and they have just appointed inaugural Chef de Cuisine Jacob Mendros.

Southie’s favorite destination for tacos and tequila is upping the ante with a new team member and their first chef de cuisine Jacob Mendros. Together with executive chef Matt Drummond, they have added over a dozen new menu items at this funky neighborhood taco joint.

Chef de cuisine Jacob Mendros most recently opened Explorateur and prior to that was in the kitchen at L’Espalier. Jacob has fully embraced the bold flavors of regional Mexican cuisine and the endless summer vibe of Loco while revamping the menu. Tacos are now available individually and some of the new standout items are: Oaxacan quesadilla (a mildly tweaked version of a very classic dish from Oaxaca on a corn tortilla with blossoms, avocado bisque, and queso Oaxaca); fluke crudo (herb jus, grapefruit soda, nori, horseradish, and orange and black corn chips—although not necessarily traditional in Mexican flavors, it is light and earthy); burrata (salsa verde—pesto, farm greens, shaved radish and onion, warm corn tortilla); Maine Mussels (rosé, serranos, radish, and sour cream); eggplant al pastor taco (charred pineapple, crispy onion, shaved serrano, scallions); asparagus taco (green tortilla, fried cotija, buttermilk caramel, coriander); burnt ends taco (guacamole, apple and red onion slaw, Carolina BBQ); Ronnie Mac’s taquitos (ground beef, Monterey jack, iceberg, Spanish onion, sesame seeds, Ronnie’s sauce); chicharon guacamole (roasted poblano, chicharron chips); crab guacamole (lump meat, chopped mango, blue corn chips); and warm wheat berries salad (farm greens, roasted broccoli, cotija, egg yolk, cilantro and pepita pesto).

The menu at Loco remains predominantly gluten free, with the exception of four out of 35 of menu items.


For guests who want to get a little adventurous, any of their 100-plus tequila and mezcal selections can be made into a margarita. Beverage manager Kaitlyn Fischer also now offers five types of tequila flights:

Bartenders Favorites: Siete Leguas Blanco, Don Fulano Repo, Tequila Ocho Anejo

All in the Fam: Fortaleza Blanco, Fortaleza Repo, Forteleza Anejo

Ballin’: Arette Grand Extra Anejo, Clase Azul Repo, Don Julio 1942

Tour de Mexico: Chinaco Blanco, Corralejo Blanco, Casamigos Blanco

The Funky Stuff: La Venenonsa Sierra Jalisco, Derrumbes Michoacan & Mezcal Vago Elote