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Raffaele Construction


Not only is the stonework by Raffaele Construction incredibly detailed, meticulously designed, and expertly crafted, but each project they create is actually unique. That’s because the company, founded in 1985, works in the Old World European tradition of selecting and cutting each stone it uses by hand. Instead of machines, the masonry professionals at by Raffaele Construction use hand tools like chisels, wedges, and hammers to shape each piece of local granite, bluestone, or other stone of the client’s choosing. The result is stones that are cut to the project’s exact specifications. That delicate precision and craftsmanship means that every stone walkway, driveway, column, mosaic, fireplace, chiseled stone, and other creation is a one-of-a-kind work of art.

21 Elm Place, Swampscott, 781-598-5989,


Readers’ Choice

Raffaele Construction