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Motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said, “What good things we build end up building us.”

The Hawthorne Hotel has taken that to heart during this Valentine’s Day month, with a complete renovation of the guestroom bathrooms. Attached are the architect’s renderings of the bathroom upgrades. Lasting approximately three months, the work is being done to improve the quality and comfort of the rooms and the list of improvements include:

~Replacing pedestal sinks with a granite countertop and shelf, and a sink base with storage area.

~Replacing medicine chests with flat framed mirrors for more space above the sinks.

~Adding new lighting and makeup/shaving mirrors to each bathroom

~Replacing the showerheads with new state-of-the-art showerheads and replacing all of the shower valves

~Replacing all of the bathroom accessories with new ones

~Replacing shower curtain rods with curved rods for more space in the tub-shower combinations and replacing the shower curtains with a new design for better air circulation.

~Replacing all of the water supply pipes with new copper piping.

~Adding ventilation ducts to each bathroom to improve air evacuation from the bathrooms.

~Replacing the wall surrounds with wooden beadboard to just above chair rail height.

~Painting each bathroom

The work will be confined to the area of the hotel not occupied by guests and will begin at 8am and cease by 9pm daily.

The Hawthorne Hotel’s first priority is always the comfort of their guests, and they are very excited about this much-needed and anticipated work. Of course, the hotel is still open for business so please call 978-825- 4358 to book your meeting or event or call the Front Desk at 978-744-4080 for more information on the renovations or to make reservations!