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L’Andana Grill’s Po martini is stylish and sweet By Lindsay Lambert

The Po Martini at L

L’Andana grill is widely loved for its consistently friendly service, impeccable cuisine, and inventive cocktails. Some of the North Shore’s most in-the-know denizens simply love that they can enjoy a restaurant’s mix of industrial architecture and sophisticated decor without making the trip to Boston. If you want to spend a night in their stylish shoes, take a seat and order the Po martini, a consistent favorite whose refreshing pear taste is the perfect complement to spring’s arrival.

L’Andana’s general manager, Alex Hage, says the Po, named after the river in Italy, was created by bartender Pam Sorbello as the result of a staff competition. “It has become our most popular cocktail,” Hage says. “So much so that we constantly receive e-mail requests for its recipe.” No wonder, given the drink’s delicate pear taste and slightly sweet flavor.

The Po is offered all year round, but give it a go at home if you can’t wait for your next night out. 86 Cambridge Street, Burlington, 781-270-0100,

Po Martini: Makes one serving

1 1/2       parts Grey Goose vodka

1             part St. Germaine

1             part pear nectar

1/2          part honey

1             wedge of lemon

Candied pear to garnish

Combine Grey Goose, St. Germaine, lemon, and pear nectar over ice in a shaker. Shake vigorously, then pour into a chilled martini glass with honey. Garnish with candied pear.