Yoga Classes on the North Shore

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It’s no secret that yoga has become one of the most popular fitness and lifestyle practices of our time with new styles and fads popping up everyday. Here’s a rundown of the different types of classes and the studios around the North Shore, which will help you begin your practice or find something new to spice up your workout routine.

A Yoga Practice

Winner of 2014 BONS Yoga Studio, A Yoga Practice boasts a wide range of yoga classes. Most classes are in the Vinyasa style and include Slow Flow, a slower paced class that focuses on a sense of relaxation both on and off the mat, Summer Flow, a one breath/ one movement class that is mainly Sun Salutations, and a Power Yoga class that takes place in a heated room and is set to louder music to create a fun, fast-paced environment. The studio also offers a special Broga Yoga class, which is geared toward “people who might not be able to touch their toes but want to train like a professional athlete,” according to instructors.

65 Central St., Georgetown, 978-352- 886,

Yoga Sakti

Alongside their more mainstream practices such as Hot Power and Vinyasa yoga, Yoga Sakti also offers special Restorative Yoga, which is a healing practice. Restorative classes feature gentle stretching, essential oils, hand massage and chilled eye pillows for total body relaxation and rejuvenation. Yoga Sakti also has the only Yoga Wall on the North Shore. The Yoga Wall is a class taught with harnesses and straps that allow the student to deepen their stretches and give them more range of motion and support, especially with inverted poses. This provides a sense of comfort with more difficult poses to ease people into doing them on the mat. Yoga Wall basics classes are offered on Saturday afternoons bimonthly.

29 Bridge St., Salem, 978-744-9642,

Bikram Yoga Merrimack Valley

For those yogis looking for pure Hot Yoga, this studio offers nothing but the original Bikram (hot) practice. Their classes are a set of 26 poses and 2 breathing exercises and are a great way to increase your flexibility, balance, and strength.

East Mill North Andover, 43 High St., Suite 310, North Andover, 978-689-YOGA (9642).

The Yoga Loft

Along with their standard Vinyasa and Hatha practices, The Yoga Loft also offers $5 community classes taught by one of its newer instructors. These classes are aimed at getting the larger populace involved in yoga and are open to any level of practitioner—a great way to test the waters before committing to more expensive yoga classes.

27 Bessom St., Marblehead, 781-631-9642,

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