Herbs for Stress and Exhaustion

Herbalist Hannah Sparks will share her knowledge of herbs that support the immune system and modulate the body's stress response, April 4.


On April 4, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., join ifarm LLC in Boxford for a workshop for individuals who wish to better manage stress and minimize exhaustion by using natural remedies. Herbalist Hannah Sparks will share her knowledge of herbs that support the immune system and modulate the body’s stress response (known as “adaptogens”), followed by the hands-on creation of a delicious, immune-boosting elderberry syrup. Each participant will take home four ounces of fresh organic elderberry syrup.

If you are dealing with exhaustion and fatigue, adding adaptogenic herbs to your routine (along with rest, nourishment, and exercise) can give you a much-needed boost when you’re feeling swamped.

Internationally renowned medical herbalist David Hoffmann defines adaptogens as follows. “Adaptogens help the body adapt to stress, increase endurance, speed recovery from illness and physical work, and strengthen immune function. They adhere to three criteria: 1) they do no harm nor place stress on the body; 2) they help the body adapt to a wide range of environmental and internal stressors; 3) they have a normalizing effect on the activity of several body systems (particularly nervous, hormonal, and immune).” (1)

In the first half of the workshop, Hannah will cover common adaptogenic herbs, how to choose herbs for your situation, and where to purchase the herbs.

During the second half of the workshop participants will make an organic elderberry syrup (a sweet extraction of elderberry preserved in honey) that they can take through the spring to keep their immune system healthy. Each participant will take home four ounces of the fresh syrup. High-quality elderberry syrups retail for $4 to $5 per ounce; the knowledge to make your own syrup is worth the price of admission.

Tickets are $45 and can be purchased here.

For examples of peer-reviewed research on adaptogens from the National Center for Biotechnological Information (NCBI) you can click here and here.



Hoffman, David, FNIMH, AHG. (2003). Medical Herbalism. Rochester: Healing Arts Press.

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