Lobster Emoji Launch

Celebrate the start of the Maine Lobster season with this new emoji, available nationwide throughout the summer.


In honor of the launch of the new lobster emoji, here are some fun facts about National Lobster Day, September 25.

Maine senators Angus Kings and Suzanne Collins helped to pass a bill declaring the official September holiday, right during peak lobster season in Maine.

However, lobster season is currently on the verge of starting in Maine and one way to celebrate is with the new emoji! The Unicode update rolled out in early June and will be available nationwide throughout the summer.

If you’re planning to use the new emoji, you should be able to “talk the talk” like a true lobster lover. Below are lobster terms to know to impress your friends this summer.



A lobster that’s within the legal size limit in Maine: their carapace (body) has to measure between 3 1/4 – 5”. Anything over or under that measurement gets tossed back into the ocean.


New Shell Lobster 

A Maine Lobster that has recently molted its shell. A seasonal delicacy with sweeter, more tender meat.


Hard Shell Lobster

A firm-shell Maine Lobster, packed with meat and a firmer texture that is fished year-round.


Crusher & Pincher

A lobster has two types of claws – the larger, more dominating is the crusher; the smaller is the pincher.  


Additionally, here are some tips from Cliff House Maine on mastering the perfect seasonal addition to any summer BBQ.

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