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Harbor Sweets


bons 2016 indulge winner

PHOTOGRAPH BY ?Darren Pellegrino


Harbor Sweets is known for its exquisite, nautical-themed chocolates, especially classics like the Sweet Sloop, a chocolate-covered almond buttercrunch toffee. But more recently it’s been making waves with its inventive, contemporary line Salt & Ayre, which infuses global inspiration with flavors like Thai ginger and Himalayan pink salt.

85 Leavitt St., Salem, 978-745-7648,



Rockport Fudgery

Since 1987 the Rockport Fudgery has been whipping up rich chunks of fudge.

4 Tuna Wharf, Bearskin Neck, Rockport, 978-546-2030, 


Readers’ Choice

Harbor Sweets