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You love the idea of an inground pool, but you’re wary of the high cost, chemical exposure, and what the aesthetic might be.

Why not consider a greener more natural looking option? A plunge pool is a small deep body of water that you can plunge into year-round. In hot weather, you can cool off; and in cold weather, you can bask in therapeutic hot saltwater.

Soake Pools makes a precast concrete plunge pool that is delivered to your home ready to install. The pool comes with a fully tiled interior, preplumbed-equipment pad, saltwater filtration system, and lighting. Options include heat, seating, and a cover.

Soake Pools offer many advantages including a lower purchase price, lower installation and maintenance costs, energy efficiency due to small the volume of water and variable speed pump, and a saltwater sanitation system.

Plunge pools are also a great option for any size yard. They add a gorgeous aesthetic to large yards, yet they are small enough to fit in courtyards and small spaces.

Soake plunge pools blend in with the natural landscape due to their earthy tiled finishes inside—they also offer you flexibility in the exterior materials you choose.

For more information about plunge pools, contact New Hampshire-based Soake Pools. Soake Pools provides semicustom, personal luxury saltwater plunge pools to homeowners, businesses, and organizations coast to coast.

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