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A House in the Country

By Peter Pennoyer and Katie Ridder with Anne Walker

Hardcover /228 pages

$55  ISBN 978-0-86565-329-0 / Vendome Press/ September 2016

After decades of building and designing houses and interiors for clients around the world, renowned architect and 2017 ICAA-NE Chapter Bulfinch Award winner Peter Pennoyer and highly sought-after interior decorator Katie Ridder decided they were ready to build their own dream house. They spent years looking for the perfect property, and in 2009 came upon a narrow, overgrown 6-acre parcel of land with a ranch house in Millbrook, New York. Over the next few years, Peter and Katie transformed the property, honoring Millbrook’s history of nature conservancy and sporting pastimes. The result is an exuberant, one-of-a-kind Greek Revival–inspired house with woodland and flower gardens that looks as though it’s always been there, nestled amid the gently rolling hills and farms of the area. In A House in the Country, Pennoyer and Ridder open the door to their house and tell the story of its conception, design, and decoration. The book shares charming and honest anecdotes about every step of their process. 


The Decorated Home Living with Style And Joy

By Meg Braff

Foreword by Charlotte Moss

Hardcover / 240 pages 

$45 / ISBN 978-0-8478-5872-9 / Rizzoli New York / April 2017

Classic yet cheerful, Meg Braff’s style has a formality that is never stuffy and an elegance that is approachable and pretty. In seven chapters that cover the basics of her look, Braff shares advice on creating rooms that are both livable and attractive, maintaining both form and function. In the first two chapters, she explores the key elements of her look—color and pattern—and how to employ them for maximum impact. She discusses the essential elements of stylish bedrooms (hint: bring back the dressing table!), explores the fundamentals of inviting baths and breakfast rooms, and gives tips on making chic outdoor spaces. Finally, Braff explains the importance of finishing touches, the little extras that elevate a room’s decor from good to great.


An Ideal Collaboration

The Art of Classical Details II

By Phillip James Dodd, Foreword by Ellie Cullman

Hardcover /256 pages

$70 / ISBN 9781864706017 / The Images Publishing Group / Reprint 2017 

In the follow-up to the critically acclaimed The Art of Classical Details, Phillip James Dodd continues his look at some of the finest examples of contemporary classical architecture in Great Britain and the United States, while also examining how collaboration is the key to their successful design. An Ideal Collaboration The Art of Classical Details II showcases 25 residences by today’s leading classical architects and addresses the fundamental issue of collaboration among architect, decorator, landscaper, and the enormous cast of characters who bring their formidable talents to the realization of every project. An Ideal Collaboration is an important addition to the literature of architecture and design, and the perfect book to educate oneself on the vocabulary of classical design. 


Living Where Land Meets Sea 

By John R. DaSilva / Introduction by John Wriedt / Interpretive Poetry by GennaRose Nethercott

Hardcover/ 376 pages 

$70 / ISBN 9781864706765 / The Images Publishing Group / Summer 2016

Polhemus Savery DaSilva Architects Builders (PSD), nationally recognized for integrating distinctive architectural design and thoughtful management throughout coastal New England, has published their third book, Living Where Land Meets Sea: The Houses of Polhemus Savery DaSilva. The book features an introduction by John Wriedt, editor of Architecture from the Inside Out, and text by PSD’s design principal, John R. DaSilva, as well as interpretive poetry by GennaRose Nethercott, PSD’s poet-in-residence. With stunning photographs and informative text, the book illustrates the care and attention PSD gives to create homes and resorts that seamlessly blend the past with the way we live now.