Peabody’s Black Box Theater Project

With your help, Northeast Arc will renovate the existing space at the Community Art Center to provide employment, education, entertainment, and recreational opportunities.


Peabody’s Black Box Theater Project, located in the ArcWorks Community Art Center at 22 Foster St. in Peabody, will benefit people with and without disabilities.

With your help, Northeast Arc will renovate the existing space to provide employment opportunities for local actors, musicians, set builders, ticket sellers, and concessions workers. The space will also provide educational and recreational opportunities for as many as 7,800 local youth and adults annually. The theater will become an anchor in the City’s downtown cultural district. Adding performing arts to the building will complement existing visual art activities at the Community Art Center. Revenue from space rental will ensure long-term sustainability of the center. Additionally, it is anticipated that new foot traffic associated with performances will enhance income for local artists, including chair caners and visual artists exhibiting in the gallery and selling their work in the gallery shop.




Northeast Arc anticipates that the Black Box Theater will be the strategic piece that both ensures the long-term sustainability of the ArcWorks Community Art Center and helps bring Peabody recognition as a cultural destination. Northeast Arc is helping the community meet our shared goal of enhancing quality of life and the creative economy in downtown Peabody.



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