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A major part of being a consumer is visiting businesses and making purchases. Walking in and out of shops is an everyday occurrence for many, which is one of the reasons why it’s easy to notice a store that stands apart from the crowd. Part of the shops at MarketStreet Lynnfield, Pia is special because of its eclectic collection of clothing, home goods and gifts, but also because of the feeling it exudes. The welcoming vibes start at the top with owner Pia Schoeck, who spent six years in Salem before moving her namesake shop to MarketStreet Lynnfield in recent years.

Schoeck’s warm personality is rivaled only by her hand-picked inventory and the store’s décor, which features a working disco ball and bright pink piano. But it would be wrong to label Pia as loud or “in your face,” yes, there’s the piano (that will have you thinking about refinishing your own!) but above all this shopping destination is equal parts shabby chic, elegant, laid back and fun.

Not one to stock a high volume of pieces, items are carefully selected in keeping with the one of a kind atmosphere. The shop works with small designers as well as larger labels who carry everything from elegant activewear to dresses and summer sweaters. Pia is a great place to check out when you need a gift. From jewelry to candles, cards and more, there’s a lot to choose from. No matter your reason for shopping, you can be sure you’ll be offered a cappuccino and invited to stay a while. As Schoeck says, “we honor and welcome every person who comes in.” There’s even a play area for children with crayons, toys, dolls and cars to suite the tastes of any child.

At Pia, clothes are “a form of expression and creativity” and Schoeck believes that the trying and buying process should be a no pressure situation that women look forward to. Designers are selected for their quality of materials and Schoeck and her staff pride themselves on being as helpful as they can, whether customers are in a mood to chat or prefer to keep to themselves.


Gummy bear nightlight by FCTRY Gummygoods


While you are guaranteed a unique selection, there are some tried and true brands you’re likely to find, from Wooden Ships to Spiritual Gangster, good hYOUman, Kut from the Kloth, Bishop + Young, Quilted Koala, Colby Davis and more. Lifestyle items currently on the floor include gummy bear nightlights by FCTRY Gummygoods that are so cute you might be tempted to pick one up even if you don’t live with children. Also in store is this crewneck sweater from Wooden Ships, available in red or navy, perfect for the July 4th holiday and versatile enough to wear all summer long. Athletic leisure pieces as comfortable as they are stylish are in ample supply, like this cropped sweatshirt from Spiritual Gangster.


Courtesy of Wooden Ships


Schoeck doesn’t stock items solely because they’re part of a fashion trend, she centers Pia around clothing that speaks to her and meets the needs of her clientele. There’s shopping, and then there’s a shopping experience like the one offered at Pia. The latter is much more fun.