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K-Fit Studio is a place of perseverance. Kristen Wood, the owner and found of K-Fit, was diagnosed with breast cancer several years before opening K-Fit’s doors. It would seem, both from an almost objective perspective (and from Kristen’s own point of view), that her opening K-Fit studio seemed almost inevitable, that it was the most logical move, despite the fact that opening the studio was the path of most resistance.

But, it must be stressed, Kristen Wood and K-Fit’s members are simply not ordinary people. K-Fit is not the kind of place where body-builders go to work out; nobody at the studio would be opposed. Kristen Wood designed her classes to focus on senior citizens, in particular, those with past health issues. K-Fit targets a very particular audience, but it is an audience, that, outside of rehab centers, has been more or less ignored in terms of places to exercise.

Upon entering K-Fit, one gets the impression of a community. Members of the studio arrive for their classes, and Kristen greets each and every one of them by name, and asks about their personal lives (which she seems to know quite a bit about). People speak very openly about whatever ailments they may have. The environment is welcoming; warm colors in an open (but cozy) room, tucked back in a quiet plaza in Peabody.

Kristen Wood is the epicenter of this warmness, this ubiquitous feeling of overcoming and perseverance. The expression radiates positivity has never been more applicable to an individual. The members of K-Fit all know Kristen’s story—the diagnosis while she was working as a physical therapist. The knowledge of this seems to draw the K-Fit members closer to Kristen; not only is she good at her job, she is someone who understands.

The members for this particular class range from 55-75 years old. Many have dealt with heart conditions in the past. None of them are bashful about it. They are simply thankful to have a place to exercise with someone who is capable of guiding them at a healthy rate. Blood pressure monitors are available for pre- and post- workout use (just to make sure everyone is doing well).

K-Fit offers ten-week programs for both men and women, and some of the classes are unisex. The studio is open Monday through Saturday, though Kristen and her three employees never seem to be off the clock. Kristen Wood thoroughly believes exercise saved her life during her cancer treatment. She’s now saving others with that philosophy.