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Wedding gowns and accessories might get most of the attention, but when it comes to really completing and polishing a look, it’s the bride’s hair and makeup that are the crowning touches. Pinterest boards and wedding magazines are filled with gorgeous looks, ideas, and inspiration, but it’s not until you actually get into a salon that the real magic happens. That’s why we tapped the expertise of Michelle Andersen, a senior esthetician and the salon and spa manager at Philip Ciampa Salon & Day Spa in Wakefield, who gave us the scoop on some of 2017’s hottest wedding hair and makeup trends.


Opt for soft and vintage
Say goodbye to tight, twisted buns and braids. Instead, brides will be opting for softer looks, like side-swept curls and loose twists that harken back to the 1920s and other bygone eras. “It’s much softer—swooping curls to the side, twisted hair—a very soft look,” Andersen says. “It seems like everyone is looking for something where your hair isn’t completely up.” This kind of easygoing look is reflective of the more natural, laid-back aesthetic of weddings in general, whether it’s opting for country-chic décor, hosting a taco bar after party, or wearing a blush-colored gown, Andersen adds.


Go elegant with the accessories
In addition to favoring vintage-inspired hair accessories, like headbands and combs, Andersen says on-trend hair accessories are often more elegant and elaborate than in years past. For instance, look for brides with Austrian crystals fanned throughout their hair (especially with side styles) or pieces that extend all the way down the side of a curl. “It’s not just a little pop,” Andersen says. “You’re seeing much larger pieces.” This works with the accompanying trend of the bride taking her veil off partway through the event, allowing the hair style and accessory underneath to grab the spotlight. “It’s almost like artwork,” Andersen says, giving the bride an “elegant look.”


Focus on the eyes

2017 will see a continued emphasis on eyes, with smoky eye makeup in blacks, grays, or browns and pops of color dominating the looks, Andersen says. For instance, a touch of an eggplant hue makes green eyes pop, whereas slate gray-blue can emphasize light eyes. Elsewhere on the face, the look is more subtle, allowing the eyes to stand out. The skin should have a matte finish (dewy finishes don’t look as good in photographs, thanks to the way they reflect light), and cheeks should be contoured with highlighters and bronzing, rather than having the old-school “striped” look of heavy-duty blushes. Lips should stay soft and understated, with a nude or mauve color and a touch of gloss for a pouty look.


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