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Athletes spend countless hours training just to get a shot at making it to the regionals, but there’s no guarantee that they will have what it takes to make it. Blood, sweat, tears, rigorous training, and regimented diets—it’s certainly not for the faint of heart. But heart is one thing that can be found in endless supply at CrossFit Wicked in Middleton. In fact, they are the only CrossFit gym on the North Shore to place in the top 30 of 382 teams in the Northeast region, earning them a coveted spot at the regionals. Gym owner Brian Crosbie says he is looking forward to the experience. “We have worked very hard together as a community and were eager to compete against some of the top CrossFit athletes in the Northeast.”

While the majority of the teams that qualified for the North East Regionals come out of New York, it’s hard to overlook the ten local teams such as CrossFit New England, Reebok CrossFit Back Bay, Reebok CrossFit One, and CrossFit Southie, to name a few. When asked how he feels about regionals, team member Brian Fenton enthusiastically says, “Making it to regionals is a great accomplishment for CrossFit Wicked! It’s a privilege to enjoy this ride with such amazing friends and teammates who share the same passion for the sport of fitness.” This was Fenton’s first regionals appearance. The team also boasts competitor Alicia Gomes, who made her fourth appearance in the past few years (two of which landed her a spot at the CrossFit Games). “I was honored to represent the CrossFit Wicked community at the North East Regionals,” she says. “We were excited to compete among the best!” The CrossFit North East Regionals were held in Canton, May 30 through June 1. The CrossFit Wicked team placed 8th overall in the Northeast region and 50th in the worls out of 499 teams.

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