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The British clothing brand FatFace has come from across the pond to spread their vision and expand their customer base. Lucky for us, they chose Lynnfield, MA as the location for one of their new stores!

The name “FatFace” seems a bit peculiar at first. However, the story behind the name reveals it to actually be quite clever. The brand was started in 1988 by two British guys named while they were off skiing on the slopes of Val d’Isère in France. They started selling t-shirts to support their adventurous lifestyle, being that they had no desire to go back to working 9-5 every day. They named the brand after their favorite ski run called “La Face,” French for “the face” and voila FatFace was born.

The first FatFace store was opened in London in 1992 and within ten years, 50 stores had been opened across the UK. By 2012, the company had opened its 200th store. It’s no surprise that FatFace is loved dearly in the UK; the clothes look and feel great! What is perhaps even more interesting than the rapid growth and success rate of the FatFace brand is the company’s deep-rooted consideration for tradition and dedication to staying true to the founders’ original philosophy.

At first, FatFace’s products were specifically geared towards those living highly active lifestyles. However, the brand has shifted its focus over the years from exclusively being a sports and active wear company to being more for every day life, while still keeping the high level of quality that they are known for.

In 2010, the company was bought and current CEO Antony Thompson launched the company’s motto based on the original vision that, “Absolutely everything FatFace does is designed to be loved by all of our customers, for life outside the 9-5.” This idea has allowed FatFace to evolve from a clothing brand into a way of life and develop a loyal customer base all over the UK. Gary Ball, a UK store manager supporting FatFace’s new Lynnfield location, notes that FatFace wants their customers to be passionate about them. He says, “We don’t want them to just like us we want them to actually love us and in Britain, they do. They know that it will last, they know that it fits well, and they trust it, and that’s something we are really proud of.”

When you walk into a FatFace store, the first thing you notice is that the clothes are yes, beautiful, but there is also an overall welcoming vibe that makes it a fun and stress-free shopping experience. Gary also says that FatFace clothes are meant to, “feel like you’ve had them for ages, even though they’re brand new,” and that the company will, “always sell products that feel lived in and are made to be lived in.” That is why all of FatFace’s clothing items are pre-washed, so that when you try it on in the store or see it on the rack, it feels as though it is already part of your wardrobe.

What makes FatFace special is that they are dedicated to being not just an accessory, but a staple in their customers’ every day lives. From unique, one of a kind (but still classic feeling) designs, to top notch quality and comfort, it is apparent that there is a great deal of thought and care that goes into the creation of these products, and that is what sets FatFace apart from other clothing lines.

Stop in at FatFace’s Lynnfield shop on Market St., one of the only three US locations, and stumble across your new favorite summer dress or go-to hoodie. Whatever you find there, you will be sure to love it for years to come!