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Editors’ Choice

Three-Way Tie


Papa Razzi Metro,

Short & Main 


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?Photographs by Darren Pellegrino, Doug Levi, DARREN PELLEGRINO


We’re all in with the Neapolitan-style pizza taking the North Shore by storm. From the long, slow rise of the dough to the slam of a blisteringly hot oven, these three spots are all turning out perfect crust—crunchy and light and chewy all at once—but each with their own take on toppings. “Neo-Neapolitan” Bambolina tops their pies with a bevy of local and house-made ingredients, from the classic to the creative, while Short & Main’s ever-changing topping selection is long on hot and spicy. Papa Razzi’s short topping list puts a twist on classic combinations with style.

Bambolina, 288 Derby St., Salem, 978-594-8709,

Papa Razzi Metro, 2 Wall St., Burlington, 781-229-0100,

Short & Main, 36 Main St., Gloucester, 978-281-0044,


Readers’ Choice

Flying Saucer Pizza Company

This quirky spot is a hit with sci-fi fans and pizza lovers alike for its large pies topped with ultra-fresh ingredients.

118 Washington St., Salem, 978-594-8189,