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The desire to have smooth, sexy, and hair-free skin has been around for ages and it may surprise you that the custom of getting rid of body hair partially or completely is a longstanding one. In fact, the history of going bare down there, and everywhere, significantly pre-dates the introduction of the Brazilian and popular women’s magazines.

Across the world, in a variety of cultures, removal of body hair, particularly female but also male, has long been considered proper hygiene. Next time you visit Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts for example, take time to explore the nude portraits of the Italian Renaissance period and note not one hair on the bunch! It appears that fans of hair removal have been around for centuries.

How did they accomplish smooth skin back then? According to Jill Burke, lecturer in Italian Renaissance Art History at the University of Edinburgh, the 16th-century Books of Secrets reveals an incredibly dangerous-sounding recipe that required mixing arsenic and quicklime into a paste for “melting hair from the skin’s surface.”

That seems like a high price to pay for beautiful, silky skin. Luckily for those of us with unwanted hair, there are many alternative options available to get rid of embarrassing or excess growth, although some of today’s options— such as waxing, shaving, cutting, plucking, and using chemical depilatory creams— seem just as archaic and unnecessarily painful. While better than the arsenic and quicklime option, these techniques still sound pretty drastic. For instance, take warm wax, apply it to hair, cover it with a small strip of cloth, then let the wax harden before pulling the strip quickly off and thereby removing the hair from its roots. Ouch! There is a level of discomfort to most of today’s hair removal techniques—not just waxing—and pain, skin irritation, cuts, burns, or soreness can remain for days or weeks after an appointment.

Perfect, that’s just in time for your next treatment. Which brings up another salient point about these “modern” strategies for hair removal: Within a week or two you’re back at square one with coarse, stubbly, and often in-grown hair coming right back up to taunt you.

So what are men and women who want to look and feel their best to do? Well at CARE Laser we are confident that we offer the solution and proudly represent a new era in laser hair removal technology. As Harley Davidson is to the motorcycle community and Tiffany’s is to diamond jewelry, so is CARE Laser to the laser hair removal industry. We have been in the business of removing unwanted hair since the inception of laser technology in the mid 1990s. We offer service excellence, elite technology, and a consistently exceptional treatment experience that spans over two decades. We are also approachable and affordable to almost anyone seeking hair removal. This commitment to always providing the best quality is what you will find at all of our beauty centers across Massachusetts. Whether you visit us in our Downtown Crossing location during your lunch break, or stop at our North Andover, Chestnut Hill, or Worcester centers on your way home, you will find that each center mirrors the other in look and feel.

  • All have a sleek, inviting, and comfortable style.  
  • Each one has a highly trained, friendly staff of professionals.
  • Every new client is welcome to schedule a free consultation and test our state-of-the art laser technology before committing to any treatment plan.

And, unlike most of our competitors, we welcome you to seek treatment in any of our four centers once you become a client. Each CARE Laser beauty center will have access to your treatment plan and history.

As a client, you’ll also enjoy our unique STARS-Payment System that allows you to choose the body areas to be treated without limitations, how many treatments you want to purchase for each treatment area, and to transfer your unused STARS to friends or family in the event you do not utilize all of your treatments. Ask around and you’ll find that this is completely unheard of in the laser hair removal industry.

While all of those elements distinguish CARE Laser, it is our innovative Soprano Ice Laser from “Alma,” declared the Winner of the Aesthetic Industry Award for best hair removal platform in 2015, that truly sets us apart. Only CARE Laser offers this technology in Massachusetts. We invested in this machine with our customers’ ultimate satisfaction in mind, so we are pleased that this technology has received high honors, but we are more thrilled that our clients are experiencing such amazing results.

Here’s why the Soprano Ice Laser is so superior when it comes to removing some or all of the hair in areas that you prefer it not be growing….

Speed™ Technology allows CARE’s beauty technicians to perform more sessions in half the time

Alma’s ICE™ proprietary advanced contact cooling technology is a key feature of the system that results in nearly pain-free treatments for our clients

A Compact™ Applicator enables CARE’s practitioners to reach more intricate body areas, offering a variety of treatment options other centers cannot

Plus, with the Soprano Ice Laser, we can treat a wider variety of clients, regardless of hair and skin texture, color and thickness.

Since CARE Laser’s first venture into Israel’s laser hair removal market over 25 years ago, our company has become a leader in the industry and is adding a new chapter to the history of hair removal. We have perfected a one-of-a-kind, flexible treatment plan called STARS, invested in technology that is at the forefront of the industry, and hired and trained the best professionals to take great care of you and your hair removal needs. If you’re going to try laser hair removal, it’s time to find out what thousands of satisfied customers around the world already know—that CARE Laser is the safest, most reliable, and superior choice for achieving your smoothest skin ever!