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You might think that you have to be a professional to get perfect makeup, or that you just don’t have the skills needed to get a flawless look. You can get perfect makeup, and all it takes is a little practice. Follow these quick tips for perfect makeup every time.

1. Always apply in natural light. If you want perfect makeup every time, then you must do it in natural light. This is the only way you’ll make sure that it’s even and looking great before you leave the house. If you’re doing it at nighttime, the light should be true light, not yellow or dim. You can even buy some lighting that mimics natural light!

2. Use brushes and sponges to get the desired result. Natural or synthetic brushes and sponges are an essential part of any makeup bag. Brushes will help you to apply product just right, and a good sponge can give you flawless coverage with your foundation. Make sure you use decent brushes to get the desired finish. You don’t always have to use the brush a way it’s recommended though. You can use lip brushes for concealer and detailing too, for example. Make sure you practice different techniques to see what works for you.

3. Use a primer. A primer will make your makeup look even more flawless and hold it on for longer. Smooth a primer on after cleansing and moisturizing. Wait a few moments before applying your foundation.

4. Use corrective concealer. Corrective concealer can help with under eye circles, red spots, and uneven parts of the skin. You simply put regular foundation and concealer over the top and it’ll completely disguise those imperfections.

5. Make sure your foundation is a good match. Your foundation should be a really good match for your skin. Make sure it isn’t too pale or too dark. Get matched at a counter if you’re unsure. You don’t want it to look unnatural!

6. Don’t pile it on. It isn’t about how much makeup you can fit on your face, so don’t pile the makeup on. Apply just the right amount. You can always add more later on if you need it.

7. Blend properly. Blending is a huge part of getting perfect makeup. Make sure you blend your contour, highlighter, foundation, concealer, and eyeshadows properly. You should see them, but there should be absolutely no harsh lines.

8. Refresh throughout the day. Refresh your makeup throughout the day by spritzing with a nice toner or water spray. Never apply layers of foundation over the top of one another though, as you’ll appear “cakey.”

Finding the way to get perfect makeup every time might take you a little practice. You’ll need to buy makeup that suits your skin type and tone. You’ll need to practice methods that work best for you. Once you’ve got that down, you can be sure your makeup will be on point!