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Gathering to dance, drink and dine is a Hamilton Hall tradition that goes back more than 200 years. As is hosting lectures, weddings and an annual Christmas Week dance. According to one story, a local minister could be seen pacing and muttering, “back to back and breast to breast, they are dancing their souls to hell.”

Completed in 1805, during a turbulent time in our young nation, Hamilton Hall stands in what was considered Salem’s Federalist neighborhood, alongside a row of stately mansions on Chestnut Street. The elegant building has seen its share of history. It has hosted five of the first eight U.S. presidents as well as The Marquis de Lafayette and both Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt attended social dances as Harvard students. Today there is a winter evening dedicated to Scottish dance and poetry and other social occasions designed to take advantage of the Samuel McIntire designed flexible dance floor, developed for the dancer’s endurance. A special Ladies Committee hosts an on-going annual lecture series devoted to world affairs, a tradition since 1946. Raising money to help with repairs and the upkeep of this Salem gem is an ongoing mission for the board of directors. 

This September, Hamilton Hall celebrates, Trails and Sails, which runs September 20 though 29. This month, Hamilton Hall is also hosting Tropicon! A Latin Celebration on Saturday, September 21 from 7-11pm. Dancing – DJ & Live Band! Small Bites, Cash Bar, Photo Booth. Tickets: $50 or $45 for members of Hamilton Hall or Creative Collective In partnership with Cojuelos’ Productions & Creative Collective.

September 24 at 7 p.m. and September 29 at 11am Donna Seger will be giving a lecture about the Remond Family.  
Sunday September 22 and 29 the Hall will be open from 1:00-3:00 p.m. for tours.