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Lunch Break

Replace that boring old lunch box with one that is as fun as it is functional.

Lunch box, $22.50; sandwich container, $8; smaller container, $4.50; utensils, $8.50, Pottery Barn. Thermos, $22.50, Helen Thomas Simply Smashing!

Top of the Class

The essential parts of every kid’s school kit-a backpack and what to stuff it with.

Letter and number tape, $16.95 each, Wish Basket. Kai shoes, $54, Lively Kids. Books, $9.99-$14.99, Jabberwocky Bookshop. Construction paper, $9.99; Brushes, $4.99 for pack, A.C. Moore. Beatrix backpack, $42, Lively Kids. Colored pencils, $38 for pack, Anthropologie. Apple tape dispenser, $7, Staples. Pencil cases, $5.99, Learning Express. Flower pens, $4, Lively Kids.

Lysa Pelletier – Photograph by Glenn Scott