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Five smart trends to update your back-to-school look this fall.

After the lazy days of summer sandals and laid-back ponytails, it can be difficult to get back on track with the more sophisticated styles of fall. No more early escapes from the office or lazy mornings lounging with the kids-now, there are buses and drop-offs and bosses back from vacation. Fortunately, this fall promises fun trends that can be easily incorporated into your routine with minimal effort and a few smart purchases.

Deep colors, evolving from the brights we wore this spring, will be in for fall. Pick up an item in trendy rich blue, bordeaux, or deep yellow to add accents to your existing pieces.

Not too keen on color? You’re in luck, because winter white and neutral blends will also be a big look this fall. Invest in a pair of winter-white slacks or a thin knit to combine for an all-over neutral palette. Mix different textures to add interest to this sophisticated look.

Leather and fur will accent everything this fall. Pick up an accessory with fur or leather in an unexpected place (a necklace or bracelet, a T-shirt with a leather inset) to incorporate this trend without breaking the bank. Another option: Find a classic piece, like a blazer, that subtly incorporates this rich trend but can be worn for years to come.

Head-to-toe prints will abound this fall-mix and match them to make an even stronger statement. For a simple update, pick a piece that incorporates colors already in your wardrobe. If you’re among the more daring, pick two different prints in the same color spectrum and wear them together.

The tribal trend will also be back in full force this fall. Work this trend as a tribal print and incorporate two trends at once. Or, bring in the tribal influence more simply with wooden accessories or braided leather accents on boots and shoes. Class dismissed! -Aricia Symes-Elmer

Tip No.1

Rich blues and golds will be popular this fall. Wearing prints from head to toe will also be a strong look. This set makes it easy to do and can be broken into separates for even more looks. eva varro international top, $88, and skirt, $74, rada boutique & upscale consignment

Tip No.2

Along with the rich colors that abound this fall, neutrals will also be a strong trend. Pick a single piece, like this stunning bandage dress, or pair different shades of coordinating neutrals. london times bandage dress, $98.50, lizology

Tip No.3

Tribal bracelets are easy to wear in these beautiful yet neutral wood shades. Multiple heavy bangles layered up the arm in variation is also a strong accessory trend. trio of carved bracelets from india, $12-$14 each, bus stop

Tip No.4

A print accessory is a simple way to incorporate prints into your everyday look. This bag features beautiful fall colors, as well as a print, covering two trends at once. piero guidi “magic circus” leather bag, $344, and silk scarf, $158, elephant’s trunk

Tip No.5

Leather and fur accents will keep you on trend this fall. This classic piece stays current with a subtle and beautiful patent leather trim. ter et bantine wool coat with patent leather facing, $1,536, french + italian