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Local authors’ latest works. Amy Mclaughlin // Photograph by Glenn Scott



1. Judith Leiber sunglasses, $400, Appleton Eye Associates. 2. Living HIPP: Happy, Inspired, Passionate, Peaceful, by Pam Guyer, $19.97, Andover Bookstore. 3. When America First Met China: An Exotic History of Tea, Drugs, and Money in the Age of Sail, by Eric Jay Dolin, $27.95, Andover Bookstore. 4. Chasing Alaska: A Portrait of the Last Frontier Then and Now, by C.B. Bernard, $18.95, Andover Bookstore. 5. The Lace Reader, by Brunonia Barry, $14.99, Andover Bookstore. 6. The Turncoat: Renegades of the Revolution, by Donna Thorland, $15, The Book Shop of Beverly Farms. 7. With or Without You: A Memoir, by Domenica Ruta, $25, The Book Shop of Beverly Farms. 8. The Topless Muffin, by Sylvia Sasso, $11.95, Broken In Books. 9. Frame Up, by James Phoenix, $27.95, The Book Shop of Beverly Farms.