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Editors’ Choice 

The Castle: A Board Game Cafe, Beverly

Standout qualities: With literally hundreds of games to choose from, not to mention fried cheesy breadsticks and mini pizza bagels, The Castle is a gamer’s oasis. Dungeons and Dragons? Check. Risk? Check. Monopoly?  C’mon on. They’ve got 13 versions.  

Philosophy: You cannot be too old or too young to start your gaming avocation.

Insider tip: Colored stickers denote the amount of time you should expect to spend on each game: A quickie, a time commitment, or throw away your watch. We have it on good authority that afternoons can turn into evenings without warning while you are entrenched in a battle for world dominance.

240 Rantoul St., Beverly, 978-969-1719, 


Readers’ Choice 

The Castle: A Board Game Cafe, Beverly