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Editors’ Choice


Ladies, here you can settle in at the oval-shaped glowing glass bar where the suspender-wearing bartenders wield shakers full of magic. Oyster specials and great sushi make for a light dinner. Cardamom honey, turmeric tequila, beet shrub, and orgeat are just a few of the ingredients you’ll find in cocktails with enticing names like Cruel Bloom, Vermilion Dreams, Wing Stroke, and Afterglow. The crowd is always interesting, and gets even more so downstairs in Opus Underground, the Moroccan-inspired space that fills with fans of reggae, hip-hop, and the lively open mic night.

87 Washington St., Salem, 978-744-9600,


Readers’ Choice

Heaven on Earth Cooking Studio

Gather the gals for an evening of professional cooking techniques in the instructor’s own kitchen. Have a glass of wine (BYOB), and maybe a little snack. Work with the instructor in hands-on prep of the dishes of your choice. When the food is ready, everyone is invited to enjoy the fruits of their cooperative effort. Leave the dishes for someone else.

74 High Ridge Rd., Boxford, 978-561-5522,