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Editors’ Choice

David NicholasInternational, Andover

Standout qualities: With decades of experience as one of the country’s best makeup artists, David Nicholas (and his team of DNI pros) uses the best techniques and products to make every client gorgeous. He also pioneered corrective and reconstructive makeup. 

What’s new: David Nicholas’s makeup line, DNI Cosmetics, has new spring products that include Long-Lasting Lip Stains, Liquid Luster, Powder Illuminator, and XLXL Mascara.

Fun fact: David Nicholas has worked with celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Ellen Pompeo, and Ian McKellen.

18 Park St., Andover, 617-242-0177,


Readers’ Choice 

Kyla Salon, Gloucester

Fun fact: Owner Heather Murray worked behind the scenes at the 2007 Miss USA Pageant.

33 Pleasant St., Gloucester, 978-281-1100,