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The Portsmouth British Beer Company set out to break the world’s record for the longest lobster roll. It took more than 200 pounds of freshly-shucked lobster meat (48 pounds were donated by Sysco foods in Boston), four gallons of mayo, and man, many five-foot bread rolls that were linked together to make one giant roll. The lobster roll came in at 159 feet and 6 inches long – as measured by one of Portsmouth’s finest – soundly beating the previous record of 120 feet.



Once its measurement was duly recorded, the lobster roll was cut up into six-inch sections and sold for $10 each to some of the roughly 5,000 people who had gathered on Father’s Day Father’s for BBC’s LobHopSter Fest.

The entire roll was bought and eaten and 100 percent of the sale, which came out to $3,000, was to Hero Pups, a nonprofit organization which pairs puppies with veterans and first responders.

The restaurant’s record “attempt” has not yet been processed by the World Record Academy, as evidence is still being compiled to send to them.