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Gourmet Anyday

The fresh fare at this yearling has customers forgetting that it’s also good for them. The menu, which changes daily, is packed with healthy versions of comfort foods like Farmhouse Chicken Pie and Mom’s Meatloaf, alongside vegan and vegetarian goodness, like Lemony Kale & Quinoa salad and Quinoa Stuffed Mushrooms. Mondays are always meatless, and many items on the menu are gluten and/or dairy free to accommodate the increasing number of people with special diets. Owner Karen Mansur, who learned to cook at her French grandmother’s knee, has a background in nutrition and spent some time working for The Whole Grains Council, so she delights in introducing customers to unique morsels and encourages visitors to taste just about everything on offer.

60 Friend St., Amesbury, 978-792-5839,



Henry’s Market

Photo by Joel Laino

For so many North Shore natives (and more than a few transplants) Henry’s Market can’t be beat when it comes to prepared dishes. With the feel of an old-timey neighborhood grocery, it remains a favorite for its oven-ready Italian entrées, ready-to-heat nine-inch quiches, and, of course, its famous chicken salad. Everything is made in their in-house kitchen, and they are committed to using only fresh ingredients. They prepare meals daily so there is no need for preservatives or additives. They may not be gourmet, but they are really good!

588 Cabot St., Beverly, 978-922-3885,