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Editors’ Choice 

Turnstyle, Woburn

What’s unique: Choose your workout based on your favorite music! Check the online schedule to see what’s playing next, with choices like “Country Ride,” “DJs vs. Boy Bands,” and “Hip Hop Remixed.”

Fun fact: All of Turnstyle’s studios, including its location in Woburn, offer complimentary shoes for cycle classes and complimentary towels.

Philosophy: The folks at Turnstyle want you to have fun, get fit, and not feel intimidated. Just arrive 15 minutes early for your first class and they’ll help you get set up with your bike.

6 Cummings Park Dr., Woburn, 781-281-0030,


Readers’ Choice 

Tread, Reading

What’s unique: Different options offer different indoor cycling experiences. Tread Light goes over the basics for newbies, Tread Beat rides to music, while Tread Shred combines cycling with upper body strength training.

6 Linden St., Reading, 781-799-2386,