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No holiday would be complete without copious amounts of delicious comfort food crowding the dining room table, and nothing brings family and friends closer together than does a good hearty meal. However, everyone knows that the holidays are all about presentation-food presentation, that is. This season, spice up your holiday meal presentation with harvest-themed designs.

Autumn Stencils from William Sonoma

Bring new and fun details to your table with autumn cupcake stencil sets form Williams-Sonoma. Each stencil brings a pop of color and creativity to a classic family favorite: cupcakes. Kids are not only going to love the look of these cupcakes, they’ll love helping you make these culinary works of art (they might even enjoy eating one or two!).

Have picky guests at your table? Mini pie crust plates make for adorable individual pies so everyone can indulge in his favorite flavor. Fall pie crust cutters add charming detail to every pie, making the baking process all the more fun for kids and adults alike. These small decorative additions may garnish anything from elaborate desserts to savory soups. (All from William-Sonoma)

With these tools, your family and friends are sure to be impressed by your Thanksgiving treats! Adding artistic detail to your favorite traditional recipes will make this holiday season all the more fun and festive. After all, presentation makes perfect.

Who can resist everyone’s favorite fall specialty found only at our local orchards? Apple cider donuts are the pride and joy of Smolak Farms in North Andover. Order a dozen, two dozen, or more of these fresh baked goodies, because they’ll disappear before you know it-especially with family members in town. While you’re there, make sure to pick up a few of Smolak’s homemade jams and jellies, which turn any breakfast into an indulgence.

Simple pleasures can help you enjoy the remainder of autumn, and remember, whether with family or friends, in a large group or a small family get-together, ’tis the season to be thankful.