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Phillips Academy Alumni have transcended the school’s motto non sibi and left an indelible mark on the world.

There are countless questions asked and answered at Phillips Academy, but few carry the weight of expectation as does the one posed to all students throughout their schooling: What will you do? It’s a tough one to answer at such a young age, but any Andover student wanting inspiration need look no further than the school’s extraordinary alumni, an ever-growing community of the great and the good who have made a difference in the wider world.

Reaching into every facet of life-from entertainment and the arts to business, industry, technology, government and public service, journalism, the military, science, medicine, and sport-graduates of Phillips Academy have taken the school’s non sibi motto and turned it into a clarion call for outstanding achievement.

Rebecca Dowling Adams ’94

Fighter jet pilot

Bill Belichick ’71

Coach of the New England Patriots

H.G. ‘Buzz’ Bissinger ’72

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist

George H.W. Bush ’42

41st U.S. President

George W. Bush ’64

43rd U.S. President

Sarah Chayes ’80

Founded a food co-operative in Afghanistan

George Church ’72

Pioneer of human genetics

Bill Cunliffe ’74

Grammy Award winning composer

Dana Delany ’74


Christina Fink ’82

Human rights activist in Burma

Jeffrey Garten ’64

Dean of Yale School of Management

Chris Hughes ’02

Co-founder of Facebook

John F. Kennedy Jr. ’79


William S. Knowles ’35

Awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Jack Lemmon ’43


James P. McLane ’49


Frank Stella ’54


Tachi Yamada ’63

President of the Global Health Program

Samuel Morse 1805

Inventor of the telegraph and Morse Code

Oliver Wendell Holmes 1825

Poet and author

Frederick Law Olmsted 1838

Architect and designer of Central Park

Hiram Bingham 1894

Rediscovered ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru