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Turkey Shore Distilleries LLC was formed in 2010 in the historic coastal town of Ipswich, MA, by two childhood friends and locals, Mat Perry and Evan Parker. Aiming to reconnect New Englanders to a significant (but largely forgotten) part of their past, Turkey Shore Distilleries produces a line of hand-crafted rums under its flagship brand, Old Ipswich Rum. Using table-grade sweet molasses from the sugarcane fields of Louisiana and a custom-built 250-gallon copper pot still built in Kentucky, Old Ipswich Rum is a true American product destined to awaken the New England spirit in all of us. Old Ipswich Rum is available for purchase at local bars, restaurants and liquor stores. In addition, Turkey Shore Distilleries, located at 23 Hayward St., Ipswich, is open from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. for tours and tastings. For more information, please visit

For the Superbowl Turkey Shore Distilleries LLC bring you The Old Ipswich Patriot! Perfect for cheering on the New England Patriots!

1/2 oz. grenadine drizzled down the inside of the glass to the bottom

1-1/2 oz. Old Ipswich White Cap Rum

Fill the glass almost to the top with gingerale

1/4 oz. of blue curacao floated over the top

Finish with 1/2 oz. of Peachtree schnapps

Garnish with a lime.

It has red white & blue layers. Stir cocktail prior to drinking to mix flavors