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Grandma Maria’s Rustic Northern Italian Risotto With Wild Autumn Mushrooms

Submitted by Diane Tufts


2 Tbsp oil (Vegetable Oil is better than Olive Oil)

2 cups white rice (I use River Rice/Carolina Rice)

2 quarts chicken broth heated

1 can tomato paste (I use Contadina/Pastene)

2 Tbsp. dried parsley

1 cup parmesean cheese – finely grated

1 cup sliced dried wild mushrooms (buy local)


Over medium heat in a cast iron or terra cotta pot, heat oil (warm, not hot)

Scoop-out tomato paste & spread over bottom of pan & let warm for 2 mins.

Add ladle of warm chicken broth & stir to sauce – let cook for 2 mins

Add rice to pan & stir well to sauce mixture

Add another ladle of chicken broth to rice/sauce mixture

Continue to add a ladle of chicken broth every few minutes (as rice begins to soak-up all sauce) & mix-in well

Add mushrooms to mixture, stirring well

Add parsley to simmering risotto & mix-in well

Continue to add ladles of chicken broth every few minutes & stir constantly until all broth is used.(do not add more than one ladle at a time, won’t taste good!)

*Stay close to stove the whole time, the secret of good risotto is: Constant stirring to avoid sticking to pan or burning & Cooking the rice completely (fully puffed)

 After all chicken broth has been added to risotto & the rice is nice & puffed & sauce is bubbling, stir-in  2/3 of the Parmesean cheese & cover pot & lower heat to LOW for 2-3 minutes.

Uncover, stir risotto mixture, shut heat

Ladle risotto onto each 8″ dinner plates & spread out & top with remaining parmesean cheese.