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What’s New in LED Lighting? By Lucy Dearborn

As readers of the blog know, my parents were quite visionary when they named me Lucy Elizabeth Dearborn as many years LED would become synonymous with a dynamic light source. For those who have been following the evolution of LED lighting (light-emitting diode lighting), you know that it is the best way to save energy, money, and our beloved planet.

Over the past few years LED lighting has become more affordable and accessible, plus the quality has improved significantly.

Benefits of LED lighting include:

  • Provides equal or better brightness than traditional light sources.
  • You rarely have to change a light bulb. LED sources can last from 30,000-100,000 hours.
  • Tremendous energy savings, at least 80%.
  • No climate change. LEDs give off far less heat than incandescent and halogen light sources.
  • Better performance and use of green recyclable materials.

Trends you will see in the LED marketing include:

  • More affordable prices over time.
  • Increasing performance and warmer, color tones.
  • Increasing accessibility via more resources to research and purchase LEDs.
  • Increased product availability include candle, capsule, reflector and modern.
  • Many types of architectural and decorative lighting available with LED light source.