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North Andover–based Windrush Farm Equine Therapy is one of 10 nonprofits to launch in partnership with LetsAllDoGood, a groundbreaking app that enables any cause, nonprofit, or community group to connect with supporters via smartphones. The app launched in the Boston area with 10 nonprofit partners and will be available nationally in the coming months. It’s simple. It’s free. And it is available for iPhones (Android coming soon).

“We believe that LetsAllDoGood will allow us to reach members of our community from a new angle,” says Windrush Farms’ Marketing and Communications Coordinator Emma Hammond. “The push notification feature will be a game changer for recruiting volunteers and donors. We also trust this will be a great new way to encourage people to become more involved in their local nonprofits. We are excited to see what will come from LetsAllDoGood.”

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Causes: Reaching supporters on their smartphones quickly and easily with rich, engaging content is critical. With LetsAllDoGood, organizations can keep supporters up to date on the latest news, events, or volunteering opportunities. Content can feature pictures and video for great storytelling. It’s remarkably simple: fill in a form, click, and publish; supporters will receive a push notification on their smartphones.

Supporters: Connecting with a favorite cause is now simple. Just download the LetsAllDoGood app, then search for a favorite cause and see the latest, news, events, and volunteering opportunities. Tap an item to learn more, look at pictures or watch videos, share to Facebook, or add to a calendar. 

Businesses: Supporting local causes is an integral part of many businesses, as helping the community they serve ensures a healthy community that benefits all. Today, consumers expect local businesses to do good. And it can be an important differentiator if it gets enough visibility. With LetsAllDoGood, nonprofit organizations can recognize and reward business sponsors by including them in their communications. This gives those merchants a platform to share the good work they are doing, and helps them attract new customers who prefer doing business with companies who are giving back. 

“Americans look at their smartphones eight billion times a day,” says LetsAllDoGood founder Greg McHale. “They go to sleep with them, they wake up with them. Nonprofits must reach their supporters where they’re spending their time. We are thrilled to partner with Windrush Farm on the launch of LetsAllDoGood.  They do incredibly important work, and we’re so proud to help make it easy for them to communicate that with their supporters—on their smartphones.”

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