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Northshore travelers hopping a Delta flight to New York, D.C., or Chicago can now enjoy a taste of home along the way. In December, Delta Air Lines added Newburyport Pale Ale to its list of craft brews, alongside such heavyweights as Sam Adams and Brooklyn Brewery. The airline now offers eight craft beers on select flights, as part of an ongoing effort to feature more regional cuisine. And on Delta shuttle flights, including the Boston-New York LaGuardia route, Newburyport Pale Ale is complimentary.

“This is an incredible opportunity to share a taste of Newburyport with air travelers,” says Bill Fisher, co-founder and COO of Newburyport Brewing Company. “Now people all along the Northeast corridor and the Midwest will have the opportunity to enjoy Newburyport Pale Ale through our alliance with Delta. Tens of thousands of air travelers will have a chance to try our beer.”

A number of craft breweries were hoping to be welcomed on board, says a Delta spokesperson, but few combined the ability to meet Delta’s supply needs with great taste. “Delta continues focusing on bringing regional food, wine and now beer to the in-flight service experience,” says Brian Berry, Director –Onboard Services Strategic Planning at Delta Air Lines. “Newburyport Pale Ale is a true craft beer that helps us deliver that experience to our customers.”

This development is just the latest in what has been an amazing trajectory for the company, which launched less than two years ago. After doubling their capacity last year to keep up with demand, they are doubling yet again early this year. One of the fastest growing breweries in the country, they produced 5,000 barrels in their first year and recently expanded distribution beyond Massachusetts to New Hampshire and New York.