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New Year’s resolutions encourage us to put our best foot forward or, in some cases, our best face forward. It’s a good time to step out in style from head to toe, focusing on both inner and outer beauty and reorienting our lifestyle around wellness and tranquility.  When it’s dark outside, it’s time to shine from within. We can help you look and feel your best with a variety of fabulous options available on the North Shore. By, Meryl D. Pearlstein


Much has been documented about the benefits of a yoga practice, from its calming effects to its toning, strengthening, and ability to improve balance and flexibility. Through steady practice, yoga becomes a way of life, bringing with it a positive outlook and openness to receiving new ideas, according to Shannon Engelhardt of Bikram Yoga Danvers. Bikram Yoga, in particular, revitalizes and reenergizes through a series of 26 postures and two breathing exercises practiced in a heated environment. As the body sweats, toxins are released and muscles are stretched and relaxed.

Simultaneously, the central nervous system is energized and soothed, leading to a heightened sense of well-being. Teri Almquist, director of the Bikram Yoga Merrimack Valley program, notes that all classes at her studio are appropriate for yoga beginners. She says, “We want to offer everyone a way to achieve better health and overcome stress, overeating, bad posture, and aggressive lifestyles. Bikram works to bring your body into optimal balance.”

Body work is a natural complement to yoga, targeting overworked muscles and other areas of tension. Adhering to a lifestyle of physical and mental wellness is as important as maintaining good nutrition, asserts Ann Sousa, owner of Body & Soul Massage and Wellness Center. Under the skilled tutelage of practitioners of therapeutic modalities like deep-tissue massage, Reiki, pre-natal massage, and reflexology, clients can relax and achieve inner peace.

Combining massage with other treatments such as aromatherapy works to de-stress and restore, note Beverly and Christine of BC Essentials aromatherapy. BC Essentials’ line of 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils is made from natural plant extracts that nourish the skin as well as heal. This is especially helpful during the winter, when the immune system is often weaker.  Add to that a sugar scrub for smoothing and exfoliation, bath salts for detoxification and stress reduction, and a finishing body spritzer or hydrating lotion, and you have an organic recipe to fight the ravages of cold weather.


Helping you achieve health and wellness every day of the year is what Beverly Athletic Center is all about. “Diet and nutrition work best in combination with a regular exercise program,” notes Ed Soul, owner. “Once you’ve made exercise a part of your life, the rest is easy because you feel better. And that, of course, leads to looking better,” he continued. Trainers at BAC work with clients one-on-one to develop programs that meet individual needs.  When you’ve finished your workout, you can tune up with physical therapy or pamper yourself and refresh at the Solei Salon & Spa with a full range of body and beauty treatments.

Spa experiences outside of a gym environment are also available to help spruce up your exterior with color, style, and individuality. Polish, tone, and buff with a selection of manicures and pedicures, facials, and waxing at Spa Ni’Joli & Salon. “We can beautify you from head-to-toe and change your outlook on life as we refine your look. Sometimes a winter makeover is just what you need to beat post-holiday blues,” notes Nicole DeRosa, owner. The spa also offers massages, salt glow treatments, and body wraps to complete the indulgent experience. Starfruit Sugar Scrub Souffle, anyone?

Women, men, and teens alike can enjoy the spa experience with treatments tailored to individual skin and lifestyle needs.  A men’s facial can protect against the environment and heal damage done by shaving. Teens who play sports may need a massage specifically focused on tight muscles, combining deep tissue work and stretching. Women may have hormonal issues to address. Notes Liz Verro, owner of Vero Salon and Spa, “We work with each client to select the beauty treatment that best matches his or her personality and lifestyle. If a makeover is what’s in order, we consider the whole person before we restyle hair or work on skin improvement. We believe that the expression of beauty from the inside out is a process, and we call that process ‘transformation.'”


BodiScience equally mixes holistic, high-touch procedures with high-tech techniques to both help you look better and improve your overall state of wellness. Firmly grounded in the low-tech world, Ayurveda and Chinese philosophies see all activities of the body as being interrelated, with imbalances resulting in physical consequences. BodiScience Holistic Spa’s founder Dawn Tardif believes that skincare is caring for your entire body. At BodiScience, therapists identify the energetic cause of the skin or body concern and then restore balance through techniques such as the balancing of acupuncture points with colored light therapy, lymphatic stimulation, and energetic work on reflex zones.

Those interested in a more medical approach have diverse choices as well. Flawless MedSpa is a Mecca for improving and correcting cosmetic imperfections. “We have created a spa environment where our clientele feel comfortable and relaxed,” notes Lisa Allison, owner. “We go all out to offer anti-aging and skin enhancing procedures that make you look and feel your best,” she adds. A variety of facials and massages are available to promote relaxation and well-being. Trained professionals administer all procedures, including laser resurfacing, laser hair removal, BOTOX®, and filler therapy including JUVEDERM® or Radiesse.

Laser treatments are also available to remove tattoos, treat scars and acne, and reduce hyperpigmentation. Skin Deep Laser Service’s Mary Ellen Gardiepy advises each potential client to meet with a certified laser technician who is also a laser safety officer. Results are lasting and often life-changing.  “It’s an exciting field that refines itself each year with terrific benefits to the client,” she notes.

Advances in cosmetic surgery have opened new possibilities for non-invasive rejuvenation. At The New England Facial and Cosmetic Surgery Center, the new Endy-Med 3DEEP procedure is taking the beauty world by storm. The non-painful successor to Thermage, Endy is actually a very pleasant treatment that many liken to a warm massage as it tightens your skin and reduces wrinkles using radio frequency energy. The Center’s medical director, Dr. Anna Petropoulos, is pleased to be the second provider in New England to offer this pleasant, safe, and effective technology, which, if done alone or combined with facial volumization and skin retexturizing via Fraxel laser, provides an overall non-invasive rejuvenating effect.

While plastic surgery may not be your immediate choice, it is still an effective means of restoring youthfulness to the aging face and body. A combination of invasive and non-invasive procedures is available. RiverSong Plastic Surgery’s goal is to educate patients about all options, to help them “imagine the possibilities,” and to go out into the world with enhanced self-esteem, energy, and confidence, according to doctors Michele Sasmor and Michael Kutka. Beyond the injectable fillers so popular today, the center also performs liposuction, abdominoplasty, body contouring, breast augmentation or reduction, eyelid surgery, and face lifts, as well as reconstructive surgery.


Dentistry has long focused on keeping the mouth healthy, while orthodontics has created straight teeth and a correct bite.  Today’s orthodontics can guide facial growth and development at a very early age to build confidence and enhance the face. For those who wish to improve their overall appearance or simply maintain a healthy smile, North Shore Smiles uses all the latest methods and technology. Dr. Jeffrey Corbett welcomes patients of all ages to ensure preventive and proactive dental care as part of a whole-body strategy. Sleep, wellness, and general health all work together with dental care, according to Dr. Corbett.

Combining cosmetic dentistry with facial aesthetic treatments, Dr. Frank DiMauro has advanced the practice with what is known as Vermillion Dollar Lips, integrating facial artistry with healthy, beautiful teeth and lips. Dr. DiMauro views himself as the “artist of the smile,” and he offers six signature lip styles to enhance your face. “We want you to be completely happy with how you look,” states Dr. DiMauro. “Your smile is your face to the world.”

Brainwave optimization, brought to you by Diana Fay White and Boston Brain Works, is a brand-new holistic approach designed to balance and harmonize brain waves by eliminating stress-induced neural blockages. Athletes, artists, and business people have all seized on the heightened productivity and creativity that result from experiencing this modality.  Benefits range from increased focus and mobility to weight loss and relief from insomnia, anxiety, anger, pain, and addictions.

Tips from our experts for stayling healthy and feeling beautiful

“We encourage beginners to experience the vast benefits of Bikram Yoga. Our instructors motivate students to excel, to sweat together, and to achieve revitalization and energy while relieving physical and mental stress.” -Teri Almquist, Director, Bikram Yoga Merrimack Valley

“Bikram Yoga systematically moves fresh oxygenated blood to every part of the body, revitalizing, reenergizing and reorganizing insideout, bones to skin.  Heat works to soften the muscles to allow beginners to practice with lower risk of injury.” -Shannon Engelhardt, Owner and Director, Bikram Yoga Danvers

“Aromatherapy works on the nervous system in a variety of ways.  It calms through the olfactory senses, warms, and creates a wonderful feeling of peace.  Knowing that every person is different, we work with our clients to tailor a blend of natural oils to address their personality and their body.” -Beverly Buccheri, Co-owner, BC Essentials

“Our goal at Beverly Athletic Club is to help every member realize their own. Despite our busy lifestyles, there’s really no excuse for not staying fit; there’s always a time to exercise and we’re open 24 hours a day so that everyone can drop in at their convenience.  We help you stay healthy safely while you enjoy the experience.” -Ed Soul, Owner Beverly Athletic Club

“We call the day spa immersion a healthy addiction: it makes you feel great and brightens your outlook as you buff, polish, tone, shape, and refine. We encourage you to try something new each time – a facial, a new hair style or color, a body treatment, to both relax and rejuvenate.” -Nicole DeRosa, Owner, Spa Ni’Joli & Salon

“Although our name is Skin Deep, beauty is about much more than the way we look to others.  Our mission is to create beauty from the inside out using the most state-of-the-art and comfortable laser technology available.”  -Mary Ellen Gardiepy, Owner, Skin Deep Laser Services

“Our goal is for you to leave our practice with more confidence and positive energy. Your appearance enhances your self-esteem and self-image, and we want you to look and feel your best.  We consider plastic surgery to be the art of the possible.”  -Dr. Michele Sasmor, RiverSong Plastic Surgery and Timeless Faces

“We believe in working on both your external and internal beauty.  While we stimulate your skin, style your hair, and shape your nails, we also work on balancing your chakras to help you achieve inner peace. Men, women, and children can begin to create a lifestyle practice that stimulates happiness from the inside out.  It’s all about transformation.”  -Liz Verro, Owner, Vero Salon and Spa