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October 6, 2009, Wenham, MA – Dozens of major movie actors and actresses have filmed in the Hub this year. Flawless skin is critical to a films success and only so much can be done to camouflage flaws.

After searching for a local skincare expert, production companies and celebs are now turning to Maria Lekkakos, Medical Aesthetician and owner of M. Lekkakos Salon, Spa & Boutique in Wenham ( <> ). In the last few months alone, Lekkakos has worked on Salma Hayek, Brooke Shields, Rosario Dawson, Maria Bello, Maya Rudolph and Steffania De La Cruz, wife of Kevin James.

“Celebrities have access to the best products and services in the world,” said Lekkakos. “To be continually praised by them as performing the best facial or body treatment they’ve ever had is a huge honor.”

Especially popular amongst these celebs are Lekkakos’ Ultrasound Facials. This treatment pushes antioxidant and vitamin-rich products deep into the skin, giving a glow actors and actresses need before certain scenes, as well as correcting problem areas.

Most people do not immediately think of blemishes and brown spots when they think of celebrities however, Lekkakos is quick to point out that, “Celebrities deal with the same skin problems as we all do. However, their skin is especially prone to dryness and breakouts because of all of the makeup they wear. We specialize in treatments that immediately correct or diminish these problems.”

Since June, Lekkakos and team have been called on by three major productions, Furry Vengeance, Grown Ups and Zookeeper. This work has meant long and often, odd hours for the veteran Aesthetician. “It was hard work, but incredibly rewarding, especially when we get to see the beautiful results,” said Lekkakos.

For Lekkakos this fame is not newly found. The Miss Massachusetts USA 2004 winner has been an Aesthetician for over 10 years following years of training in her native Greece. Since her career began, some of her accolades include styling Marcia Cross for the cover of Boston Common Magazine, doing makeup on contestants of the Miss USA pageant and most recently, being named one of the Boston’s 100 best-dressed by Fashion Boston (FB) Magazine. FB selected Lekkakos as one of only 10 Bostonians to be photographed for their August issue.

“A lot people are calling me Boston’s go-to-girl for skincare. It’s a nice title and one I’ll happily accept,” smiled Lekkakos.